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Postcard to our past selves.

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Using inspiration from (A great presentation on what HTML5 can do), I thought it may be a fun thing for DC users to write a postcard to themselves in the past (IE, what you would say to yourself if you could go back in time and meet your younger self).

Ill get us started with the one I wrote on the website's option to do so.

Never lose track,
Always stay focused,
Remember where you came from,
Stay true to yourself and others,
For you have a long way to come, but one day, you will find the happiness you are looking for, and it is more beautiful than you could imagine in your wildest dreams.
One last thing,
Live each day like its your last moment on earth, because, if tomorrow comes, you might regret what you did today, and living with regrets, is by far more painful than anything else in this world.
--- End quote ---

I'd be giving myself advice like buy Microsoft in 1980, sell in 2003, buy Google when it opens, sell it at $400 or so, remember that as long as you're under 12, you cannot be charged with any criminal offenses, so rob those banks while you can... :p

Marry the redhead, not the brunette...

"Stay out of jail."
"Oh, and don't go bankrupt."

Using only a postcard i dont think i could even finish with advice for my elementary school period...  :P


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