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Steam Sale: 50% off Guild Wars Trilogy

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Celebrate the Guild Wars 5th Anniversary with 50% off the entire Guild Wars series this week only.-
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If you don't know, Guild Wars is an MMORPG without a monthly subscription cost. Once you buy the game you're free to play it.

You can get the whole trilogy for $20 USD or if you already own one (or two) of the games you can buy them individually but at a higher total cost: Guild Wars: Game of the Year Edition is $10, while Factions and Nightfall are $15 each.

If you have it or get it, let me know. It would be fun to party up with some fellow DC members.

Guild wars is probably the most mileage I have ever had in a game for the money  :Thmbsup:

This would be very tempting (to team up and play an MMO with some DC members), but I just got drawn into Dragon Age: Origins (I know! I know! I'm behind on my game playing!). Otherwise, I'd be seriously be considering buying in.

Buy now play later!

The lack of subscription fees allows you to do that. :)

Buy now play later!-Deozaan (May 02, 2010, 03:52 PM)
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:: stares at his already mountainous buy-now-play-later stack of games ::

I better pass on this one. I haven't even finished Fallout 3 yet. :(


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