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NANY 2010 Entry Information
Application NameArtwinauto BlitzTypeVersionBeta 0.9Short DescriptionAn autocompletion utility that reduces repetitive typing and risk of RSI.Supported OSes Windows XP and above Web Page Productivity Improvement in Computing Download Link Download BlitzType System Requirements
* Pentium III 1GHz and above
* 512MB RAM and aboveVersion History
* 0.90
The deadline is fast approaching. I realize I couldn't finish all features in time, so I will stop for a while and release a Beta. This is by no means the final version  :-[, still better than not honoring the pledge. Your testing and feedback will be much appreciated!Author About Screencast
* YouTube:


I split my introduction into two parts:
(1) For those who have never used an autocompletion utility or abbreviation expander before.
(2) For those who have used, and want to know the differences between my program and the software available on the market.


BlitzType is utility that helps to reduce repetitive typing (thereby reducing the risk of RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury), and increase productivity in work that involves typing, writing and coding, etc. It suggests and autocompletes frequently typed words and phrases or expand abbreviations into complete form for the user in any editor windows and applications.

It's common that the words and phrases we type are often repetitive, for example:

A software developer might type this more than one time: "The product is scheduled to be released on..."
An blogger: html or blog editor tags
A legal practitioner: legal terms such as "bankruptcy proceedings", "petition preparer", etc.
A internet marketer: "I'd like to invite you to join my network"
An email writer or forum user attaches a signature in every message.

BlitzType learns and saves repeated phrases as the user types. On the next repetition, the program is able to detect it, predict the remaining letters and perform an autocompletion. The result of using BlitzType is that you only type a few letters and you get the whole phrase, imagine how many keystrokes you can save. It saves your time and improve your productivity. The program can be configured to act in either a proactive or non-distractive manner.

Unique Features of BlitzType

1. Sequential Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithm. (implemented) :)

BlitzType automatically learns from what you type and recognizes any repeated phrases. It uses an industrial strength sequential frequent pattern mining algorithm for this purpose.

2. Fuzzy Matching  (partially implemented)  :-[

If you have used an abbreviation expander or AutoText utility before, you would have experienced:
(1) You need to figure out the phrases and set the abbreviations manually for them.
(2) You need to memorize all abbreviations you set
(3) You need to organize abbreviations into categories for easy maintenance.

Using BlitzType, you do none of the above. It uses Fuzzy Matching

How it works:
"as soon as possible" is the phrase you repeatedly type. Here's how the program matches what you type with the phrase.

you type 'as soo" -> matches with "as soon as possible" (AutoComplete) :)
you type 'asap" -> matches with "as soon as possible" (AutoReplace) :)
you type 'as sio' (some errors tolerated) -> matches with "as soon as possible" (AutoCorrect)  :-[

Fuzzy matching automatically comprises AutoComplete, AutoReplace and AutoCorrect.

3. Optimization algorithm  not yet implemented  :-[

If you have used an AutoCompletion utility before, you would have experienced:
(1) Annoyed by too frequent popups
(2) Inaccurate suggestions
(3) Too many settings to tune in order to make the popups appear as you wish

I use Genetic Algorithms (a machine learning optimization algorithm) to improve the program's prediction capability and accuracy.

4. Lightweight and ongoing development maintaining :)

Many autocompletion utilities has either turned into bloatwares after too many unwanted features were added or has stopped development. It is our development goal to keep the number of user settings under control, and has a roadmap of where we are going while listening to user feedback. We plan to open-source it, so the development will never be stopped.

Planned Features

* Support European languages with accents.
* Read user-defined phrases from an external word list
* multiple suggestions in the tooltip.
* improve usability
5. Plugin framework and open-source development

The program will be released with a plugin framework under an open-source license, developers are welcome to extend the functionality of the program and contribute changes to the source. The program will always be free to developers and for home users who need it for personal use. We take donations and are eager to provide support, value added services to serious users who are wiling to buy a commercial license.


Using BlitzType in Sticky Notes (Windows 7).

Cut down repetitive typing using BlitzType in Wordpad (Windows 7).

Unzip to a folder. Open BlitzType.exe to run. You may also set a shortcut.
If the program has trouble starting, you might need a more updated version of MS VC++ runtime files. A distribution can be found in the download page.
Installer will be provided for final version.

Using the Application
Run BlitzType.exe to start. It will sit in systray.

The program automatically learns from your typing, remembers at the
next mouse-click, any word or phrase (of at least 7 characters) that you
type more than once. When you start to type the same word or phrase
again, tap Right [Shift] key to autocomplete, tap the same key again to
Undo, or press [Shift] + [Space] to read the autocompletion
suggestions, one at a time.

To always show autocompletion suggestion while you are typing, enable
'Always show suggestion' in BlitzType window. In this mode, BlitzType will
try to provide a suggestion when you pause during typing.

Use Right [Shift] key when you are fairly certain you have typed it before.
Use [Shift] + [Space] when you want to check what phrase can be used.
Use 'Always show suggestion' when you need autocompletion frequently.

To copy a phrase and add it into the database for autocompletion,
highlight it and press [Ctrl] + [Insert].

The program is also able to recognize a Paste action and Left key press.
In the autocompletion suggestion,
Special character "T" means a Paste action.
Special character "<|" means a Left key press.

Delete the folder. The program does not access Windows registry.

Known Issues
The software is now open to public for testing and feedback. Since it is still at beta version and has not reached a stable stage, we encourage only interested individuals to try it. It is advisable to backup your data before testing or only test it in a non-priority machine. For production use, you may want to try TypingAid which takes phrases from a word list instead of learning, and see how auto-completion tool could help to improve typing speed and productivity, as well as to reduce the risk of RSI (Repetitive strain injury).

I can't wait to see it, sounds VERY cool.  :up:

I agree, this sounds excellent. I've never really gotten into using an autocomplete system for the reasons you mention - having to set it up manually, bad recommendations, etc. The sheer simplicity and automatic setup of this seem to set it apart. Looking forward to it.

- Oshyan

 :) I just released a file.

Perry Mowbray:
 :Thmbsup: Thanks!!

 :mad: Bad timing!! I'm so busy right now...


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