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NANY 2010 - Pledge to Participate Here

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This thread is for programmers to pledge that they will participate in NANY 2010.

The Challenge

* Pledge that you are participating well before the New Year (you shouldn't just wait until Dec 31 to reveal whether you decided to participate or not); DECEMBER 18 is a good date to shoot for to pledge to participate.
* Release the application on or before 31st December 2009.
* Any type of application can be included: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web, iPhone, Android, Script, Plugin, etc., but it needs to be a new program that hasn't been released publicly before November 2009 (updates to existing programs don't qualify unless they are complete rewrites).
* You don't have to be affiliated with - you still get to announce it as part of the N.A.N.Y. Challenge: you keep all the rights to your software, this is just an event to encourage coders to release new free tools.

The Pledge
Feel free to tell us as little or as much about what kind of program you are planning on releasing -- but let's keep this thread just for pledges, not for discussions.

We'd like to encourage everyone who wants to participate to make a pledge to do so -- and to treat this pledge as a real promise to release something.

We've decided to also have Mini NANY Pledges and Entries for those who would like to contribute something that doesn't quite fit as a full NANY. See the Announcement. For Example:

* Your entry is not substantial enough for a full entry (For example, I have an idea for a tiny little script that's a bit of fun, and something that's not on the same page as the other Entries).
* Your entry will not be completed (maybe these could be used as a partnership with other entrants?).
* Your entry is not a real NANY.
We hope that Mini NANYs allow even more people to join the fun.  :up:

What's Next?

* Volunteers can be found in the Offers of Assistance Thread that may be able to help you with your Pledge.
* Ideas can be found in the Program Suggestion Thread if you need some help with where to start.
* When you're ready to let everyone in on your idea, create a New Teaser Thread in the NANY 2010 Board.
* When you're ready to show everyone what you've done you can change your "Teaser" into a "Release", and manage the project in your RedMine space.
Thanks for all your Pledges: Made and coming   :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

I pledge to release a new utility for NANY 2010; i have no idea what it will be yet, though it will be something small (I was originally intending tfdocs to be my NANY project but couldn't wait to unveil it).

I pledge to release something for NANY 2010. Whatever it is, it will probably be cross-platform for both Windows and Linux (and maybe OSX too)

At this point, I pledge to have multiple entries in this year's NANY.   :Thmbsup:

Here is my pledge to see what Crazy Little Application I can come up with this year.


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