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Idea - Whats in my fridge?

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abent professor:
Not sure if this is too complicated or too off-topic for the style of applications we're going for?

I live in a house with 2 other guys. We are a bit disorganised when it comes to food because we all work at different times, and never plan to eat together. When we do, its great, but its such a rare occurrence.

Because we all buy little bits of food for dinner, we end up with too much per person and a fair amount of waste, which drives me crazy.

There is a tiny netbook in the kitchen which serves as a music player, and it runs a few spreadsheets ad household duties/chores schedules for everyone.

What I'm thinking of is a simple perishables food list.
With 'add item and expiry date'
and 'how long left until we have to throw it out'
arranged by 'time left'
and various colour coding for time left on items. RED meaning EAT NOW!!

I know we could use a spreadsheet, but one guy is clueless and would totally break a spreadsheet if let loose on all those boxes. An app with just text input and big 'add to fridge' button, what could go wrong! This is a pretty simple idea, so I'd be interested to see what other people thought would be worth adding, if anything.
Would really appreciate some feedback too. Personally, I would really use something like this and really see it working - this past 2 years I used to write stuff on scraps of paper, lose them, never do them.. but I've discovered, weirdly about myself, if the computer say do it- it gets done.

An example is, this totally changed my life and helps me get stuff done.

We are all very conscientious with our to-do lists, I think with that sort of visual reminder before we run to the local store (which is right below our apartment) we would have a better idea of what to buy to go with what we have and less would get wasted (like those damn salad bags.. arghhh!)

i love this idea.

i'm envisioning a really simple interface with a list of items sorted with soonest-to-expire at top, with a column for the label of the item, and the expiration date on the right (maybe expressed as "# days left before expiration" or "# days past expiration" in red).

and then with ability to delete an item, or add a new item.  might be nice if new items could be selected from a list of items taken from a text data file with some preset expiration durations that could then be modified after adding.

for example, the data file might have an entry for "Eggs|6" so when you add an entry for eggs, it would suggest an expiration of 6 days forward, which user could customize at the time if there was an expiration date listed on the product itself.

I can smell a listview-centric app a mile away...

abent professor:
Thanks for the quick replies and support.

Well I was also thinking of adding, who owns what, and how much of it is available to share (minature pie-chart icon, lol)

Say I bought a massive cheesecake. I want half, it goes off in a day, I will let my friends have the other half between them, then on the day it goes off, I munch the whole lot. Probably not the best example..

Please list the names of the columns you would like to see, please.


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