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NANY 2009 Release: JustCloseSomeTasks 1.21

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NANY 2009 Entry InformationApplication Name JustCloseSomeTasksVersion1.21 [July 08, 2009]Short Description An utility to let you easily close inactive tasks. Supported OSes Windows XP/VistaDownload Link* NANY Release - See end of post
* Latest Version
* or inside the program Help >check for updatesAuthor Link to Author's Profile page

JustCloseSomeTasks is an utility to let you easily close inactive tasks. It saves taskbar space by offering you to close the stuff you've not used for a while. Tasks are automatically marked for closing when they're not used for a certain time period (expiry time). The program will learn your behaviour and adjust this expiry time.

I use a lot of programs, and many at the same time. Because of this when a lot of windows are open the taskbar becomes cluttered  and I lose the overview required. JustCloseSomeTasks knows which programs I've not used and helps me manage.


Portable installation, DcUpdater support via help menu

Using the Application
Press the hotkey button (Ctrl-[ by default - change via system tray -> preferences) and all windows are listed with the ones older than 120 seconds checked. press the close button to close these tasks. The program will learn and adjust the auto-marking period based on your usage.

Known Issues
* If installing under windows vista to the Program Files folder, please be aware that the program might not be able to read it settings file. Run it once as an administrator to have the settings.ini created.
* Applications that don't communicate their window title or ID are hidden from the list for safety reasons. If you know any please let me know as I'd like to add support for the most vocal missing ones.

Download Page

I just tried it out briefly and have one small criticism - when I press the hotkey or double click the tray icon, I get a balloon notification from the tray icon which says "Closing older tasks...". I think that's a little confusing as it suggest the program is taking action immediately, rather than allowing you to choose which tasks to close.


I was just going to answer this with a 'thanks it needs a bit of cleaning up the message was left in unintentionally' but with the list of known issues I think it's better to take the application offline just now until a more developed version is ready. If you want to test it and give feedback in the meantime just ask and i'll send you a link.

It's probably best if I wait until you add the program back here 8)

Perry Mowbray:
Justice: If you're after testers, how about putting the link back up and requesting testers?


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