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JustToDoIt - Fast ToDo lister

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I've always been looking for a better todo list manager and while I was working on Axem I realised the interface was very suitable for a todo list app.

so here's JustToDoIt: A fast todo lister for my own use that you might enjoy :)
 * it creates two text files, Activetasks.txt and completedtasks.txt, each file has a list of tasks, one task per line (so should work well with your own programs)
 * you can check tasks to complete them and remove them from the list
 * no need to save

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sounds + looks great.
... off to write a list

I like this a lot Justice
I can add an (e.g. daily) list to the text file from another app and just reload

Would it be easy to change it to one click on the tray icon to restore the window ? (I always think the tray icons should only need one click, like the Quick Launch icons)


the Ctrl+R shortcut is a universal hotkey - great in the sense it also restores the window when closed ([edit] which sort of makes the single click request above irrelevant) but not so good that's it's stolen the key combo from my main work programme!

I was using the exe but searched the AHK file for Ctrl - this was the only line I found

--- ---Menu, ViewMenu, Add, &Reload   `tCtrl+R, ButtonRescan
tried changing that Ctrl to Shift without success

was thinking Shift+R - is easy to type and not used else where - I think not at any rate ...

np give me a minute, i'll change it to F5 and only when the window is active, that should sort it.


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