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Version History


2.42.01 - May 3, 2017

[BugFix] Fixed problems with the Exclude and Also Find search filters.


2.41.01 - Mar 16, 2017

[MajorFeature] First High-dpi compatible version beta.
[Bugfix] Minor UI bugfixes.
[Improvement] Better mouseover hints for General Options.
[MinorFeature] New option to not clean/truncate displayed urls.


2.39.01 - Nov 6, 2015

[BugFix] Custom application links could sometimes drop surrounding quotes (thanks Quaraxkad).


2.38.01 - Apr 28, 2015

[Feature] New option to start sniffing immediately when program is started, even in advanced mode.
[BugFix/Feature] New option to better handle the "Also Find" text.  In previous versions a url would be excluded if it did not match url filter type (multimedia vs all), even if it contained an Also Find keyword.  You now have an option (enabled by default) to always include results that match the Also Find keyword, even if it does not match the url filter type.  This is most useful when restricting search for multimedia urls but also anything containing the keyword.  Tip: Use ; character to separate multiple keywords.


2.37.01 - Dec 14, 2014

[Feature] Added new option to capture a few packets subsequent to any triggered capture, to help see what information came after the triggered capture.
[Feature] Larger block of data is saved around found urls.
[MinorFeature] Ctrl+A to select all urls in view.
[MinorFeature] Added quick forum link to help menu.
[MinorChange] Removed "minimize-to-tray" captionbar button.
[BugFix] Mixed rare mystery exception crash on sniffing.
[BugFix] Removed rare error report of "too small packetmem"
[BugFix] File search dialog was malformed; program hung if you didn't specify files to search for.


2.36.01 - Sep 17, 2014

[Feature] New option to filter results so that they MUST contain certain keywords.
[MinorFeature] Ctrl+C in result list now copies selected url(s) to clipboard.


2.35.01 - July 14, 2014

[MinorFeature] New export option to export all columns of result table.
[MinorFeature] You can now control whether new packets are automatically shown live in packet viewer; selecting a result in grid automatically turns off live packet display so that you can view the selected packet without pausing.


2.34.01 - May 19, 2014

[BugFix] Some adapters were shown with same name in adapter list -- adapters are now shown with more descriptive names.
[BugFix] UrlSnooper was failing to sniff from some adapters (when those adapters were shown with identical generic names in list).


2.33.01 - Nov 28, 2013

[MinorChange] Better formatting for timestamp column.
[Feature] When scanning files (instead of network traffic), the filename is now shown in SourceIP column.
[WinPcap] Now distributed with WinPcap v.4.13
[Feature] Option to check for updates at startup.


2.32.01 - Feb 4, 2013

[Feature] RTMP and some other multimedia links were not shown when multimedia protocol filter was enabled.
[MinorChange] Improved text labels for search filters.
[MinorChange] Changed auto network adapter test url to ""
[BugFix] An error about "Scrollbar property out of range" could be generated when resizing raw packet view panel.
[BugFix] Parentheses in urls were truncating urls at that point.
[Feature] View Live Packets option is now on main window and easily toggles live packet panel (size is remembered)
[Feature] Added datetime column to url grid.
[Documentation] Updated documentation with some links to a few popular downloader tools.
[Feature] Portable zip now uses ConfigDir_Default.ini which is overridden by the presence of a ConfigDir.ini file, so users unpacking the contents won't overwrite any custom ConfigDir.ini  they may have.
[Feature] Now using a dual package (installer and portable zip), with portable zip preconfigured for portable use; installer and executable are now signed.


2.30.01 - Nov 4, 2011

[BugFix] Finally fixed "Index out of Range" error that some people were getting.
[Minor Feature] Improved built-in update check option.


2.29.01 - Feb 15, 2011

[MinorFeature] Updated with latest version of WinPCap (4.1.2)


2.28.01 - May 4, 2010

[MinorFeature] You can now use \| in your favorites files to specify saved search parameters with | in them.


Version 2.27.01 - April 24, 2010

[MinorFeature] You can now save protocol/keywords/alsotext in your favorites menu items.
[MinorFeature] Added menu command to reload favorites data.
[MinorFeature] Added rtmp and related protocols to known multimedia protocols.


Version 2.26.01 - December 13, 2009

[BugFix] Improved detection of network adapters -- was failing to list all available adapters on some people's computers.  Thanks to ixxo and everyone else on dc forum who reported and helped test (see here for the thread).


Version 2.25.01 - October 29, 2009

Updated with latest version of WinPCap (4.1.1) - Now supports Windows 7
[BugFix] The error about index out of range when network adapters have changed on restart should be fixed.
[BugFix] Settings file was still being saved in application directory even on Win Vista/7; new version respects configdir.ini and portable settings, as well as storing working files in user documents directory by default on Win Vista/7.


Version 2.23.01 - March 14, 2009

Updated with latest version of WinPCap (4.1beta5).
Improved wording of automatic network adapter detection failure message.
Improved packet reconstruction should reduce chance of packets being split in the middle.
[BugFix] Urls incorrectly shown as from fixed.
Added SourceIP column.


Version 2.22.02 - December 24, 2008

[BugFix] Default URL for network adapter testing was a google page that no longer exists; updated.
[Change] URL Snooper should now insist on Admin rights when be running on Vista.


Version 2.22.01 - June. 4, 2008

Added option to customize the url used to test network adapter auto detection, changed default from donationcoder to small google css stylesheet page (this takes load off donationcoder server and should reassure concerned that urlsnooper was somehow "phoning home").
Fixed language translation files.
Increased max URLS that can be kept at once.
New option to discard filtered-out urls that aren't display; normally the program stores all urls found even if its currently set to filter out all but multimedia urls, so that you can change the view filter to show all urls after the fact.  The new option will discard them during filtering, which is a good solution for people who were ending up storing huge numbers of urls while searching for multimedia urls.
Hopefully fixed "Menu - Index out of range" error.
Removed some code to reassemble packets (it's possible this could result in worse url grabbing in rare cases -- stay tuned).
Upgraded to winpcap 4.1beta4.


Version 2.21.01 - Dec. 12, 2007

Increased packet buffer size, should eliminate error on some computers where it reports "Packets are bigger than reserved buffer" (see here).
Upgraded to winpcap 4.1beta2
Added back buttons to parse single packets.


Version 2.19.02 - Aug. 18th, 2007

Fixed bug which was causing crashes win win9x/ME
Upgraded to winpcap 4.1beta
Added update support
Changing languages was messing up the network adapter combo box.
Changing network adapter manually now disables the autonetwork detection checkbox.
Added instructions and settings so that the program runs with Administrator Privileges in Microsoft Vista.


Version 2.18.01 - Feb. 4th, 2007

Updated installer to use WinPcap 4.0 final on WinXp/Nt/Vista
Added code so installer uses WinPcap 4beta2 on Win9x/Me (last version to support these versions)


Version 2.16.01 - Nov. 30th, 2006

Fixed tray icon
Now works on Windows VISTA (!)


Version 2.15.01 - Nov. 28th, 2006

Snooper was unnecessarily checking website when snooping even when autodetect network adapter was not set - thanks DPK.


Version 2.14.02 - Nov. 6th, 2006

Updated to properly autodetect network adapter when IE7 is installed.


Version 2.13.04 - 7/18/06

Added detection of some multimedia keywords (WMA,MP3) in URL arguments as potential multimedia URLs
Added .asx as multimedia URL extension
Minor changes to help file and manual
Added troubleshooting note about an error if you skip installing WinPCap.
Various spelling errors corrected.
Added a couple more troubleshooting help pages


Version 2.10.06 - 7/02/06

Detects and identifies "reflector:" links as streaming media links.


Version 2.09.10 - 6/22/06

Updated help file.
Sped up changing of filter display
If you disabled autotesting for network card it could sometimes retest until a restart of program.
Improved inferencing of ip address of partial (relative) URLs.
Improved multi-packet assembling.
Added notes for installing on Windows VISTA.


Version 2.09.08 - 6/20/06

Installer makes clearer that WinPCap install is mandatory.
Fixed rare but harmless "index out of range" error on switching to Advanced mode.
Fixed rare but bug where mouse click was ignored on buttons.


Version 2.08.02 - 6/10/06

Very minor text changes in help file and installer.
File+View menus combined.
Favorite websites menu removed from simple mode.


Version 2.06.05 - 5/07/06

Improved handling if a language file is deleted.
Improved some multilingual features.
Thanks to Joto (German Translation)
Thanks to Simeon Lapinbleu and Vianney Jonville (French Translation)


Version 2.06.04 - 5/02/06

Made Simple mode default.


Version 2.06.03 - 5/02/06

Major feature: Added simple and advanced (normal) modes; simple is much easier for new users.
Major feature: Added Automatic network adapter selection - it will now test all adapters until it finds one that works and can sniff URLs.
Major feature: Multilingual support.
Minor feature: Minimize to tray button.
Minor feature: Added "flv" to multimedia list
Minor feature: Added "edit favorites" item in menu.
Minor improvement: Added http:// to relative urls that need them.


Version 2.05.01 - 12/9/05

no more separate manual url download dialog - you can down type in a url directly at bottom of form to EITHER download and scan source code, or start network searching and sniff traffic; should make it easier for quick jobs.
new license policy - program will never stop working only nag for you to get a renewed freeware key after 6 months, and after 1 year you can download full permanent non-expiring license key.
fixed tab ordering of some controls.
there are now 2 save urls options (save all and save selected)
quick filter is now colored red to prevent you from forgetting you have it active
save url file no longer has extra \r at end of each line.
file searching was not returning case sensitive urls
added .pls to multimedia extensions
added ability to use - in front of filter keywords to say hide strings with keyword




Version 2.04.04 - 10/03/05

1) the method turning off promiscuous mode has been adjusted to better work around bugs preventing some lan adapaters (INTEL) from sniffing unless promiscous mode is turned off in a specific fashion.  If your adapter doesn't seem to sniff traffic make sure to try checking "only from this computer" option.

2) the only sniff from this computer option has been made default.


Version 2.04.01 - 5/15/05

1) urls were being forced to lowercase - fixed


Version 2.03.09 - 3/10/05

1) New customizable Websites menu.

2) Detection of more url link types, better reporting.

3) Ability to specify custom browser.

4) Packet spanning(!) to avoid split urls.

5) Now hosted officially at

6) New Always-On-Top option

7) New Help file.



Version 2.01.00 - 02/06/05

1) version 2 marks a major overhaul to the user interface in order to simplify it and make operation easier.

2) more flexible filtering options.

3) better removal of duplicates.

4) better identification of relative links.

5) better identification of protocol information.



Version 1.02.01 - 3/17/03

1) Compiled and packaged with WinPcap library v3.0 (

2) Restructured the packet-viewing interface; now instead of a separate window, packets are shown in normal packet view if "View Live Packets" is checked.

3) New checkbox to hide file date/path/name columns, useless when doing network sniffing.

4) Added detection and rebuilding for relatively addressed files making use of "Host: " and "Get \" fields



Version 1.1 beta 1 - 06/10/02

1) Improved help for selecting the right network adapter.

2) Support for new WinPcap library v2.3 and later, which should provide better Windows XP support (

3) All users may now select whether to restrict sniffing to current computer on a lan (only works for Win9x/ME ?).

4) Built in raw packet viewer for watching ALL packets.

5) fixed bug where extra ' character at end of url was not removed (thanks to finkl).



Version 1.0 beta 6 - 02/21/01

1) Fixed minot bug in keyword searching that would result in blank url captions for found keywords.

2) Fixed small bug where the last character of a sream was a \ which resulted in an error if you tried to paste into streambox.

3) First public release of program.



Version 1.0 beta 5 - 02/17/01

1) MAJOR: Turns out the new network drivers were cutting off packets at 255 bytes maximum length, which resulted in URL Snooper not detecting many urls.  Fixed.

2) Fixed bug where urls were automatically lowercased, resulting in some urls not being downloadable.

3) Confirmation (thanks bovric) that URL Snooper works on Windows ME.

4) Increased cpu time devoted to consuming packets in the local buffer, should result in less buildup of packets, possible slower gui response during periods of high network traffic.



Version 1.0 beta 4 - 02/17/01

1) Fixed problem with filtering local traffic on computers with multiple ips.

2) Added ability to use previous Distinct Network drivers via a registry

   setting (see AdvancedNetworkDriverInfo.txt).

3) Windows NT and Windows 2000 compatibility has been confirmed.

4) Modified the installer so that it automatically launches the WinPcap

   network driver installation program.



Version 1.0 beta 3 - 02/15/01

1) Another try at Win2000 compatibility.

2) Installation now automatically launches WinPcap network driver installer.

3) Now forces rename of initial default config file to avoid overwriting

   this file during upgrades.



Version 1.0 beta 2 - 02/13/01

1) MAJOR: Changed to network drivers which should work on win 2000 and win nt!

2) URL comment heuristic now also scans file extensions (.asf,.wma,.ra,etc.).

 "Hide Non-streaming URLs" option will no longer hide urls of the form


3) Fixed bug where if url ended at the end of a file or packet, last

 character was truncated.

4) Fixed bug where network packet text was being forced to lowercase

5) Fixed the about box to indicate the proper program version.



Version 1.0 beta 1 - 02/13/01

1) First Release of program