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Version History


1.11.01 - March 25, 2013

[BugFix] Was reserving extra desktop space if user had Large Font resolution configured in windows.


1.10.01 - January 16, 2011

[BugFix] Error was being reported on first run.


1.09.01 - January 7, 2011

[Feature] Added -transparency commandline option
[Feature] Updated with latest update checking code.


1.08.01 - November 1, 2009

[Feature] Added option to hide ugly grey border on vista/win7


1.07.01 - September 6, 2009

[Feature] Options file is now saved any time the docking position is changes -- useful for external tools that need to monitor dock location.
[Feature] Options file now stores exact position and size of docked window -- useful for external tools that need to monitor dock location.
[Feature] Added support for configdir.ini file so user can specify custom directory for saving config file (supports for portable use)
[PlatformFeature] Added support for windows Vista+Win7 so that program saves config files in proper places on those operating systems (in documents path).


1.06.01 - July 14, 2009

[BugFix] Some users were seeing an error on boot about /autorun parameter not being understood.


1.05.01 - 6/27/09

[Feature] - Added commandline options for setting size, position, etc of the coral.


1.04.01 - 2/27/09

[Bugfix] - Program was not remembering what monitor to start docked on.
[Bugfix] - Docking did not work the first time the program is run (thanks fabrizio at softonic)


1.03.01 - 11/26/08

Initial support for multiple monitors.


1.02.01 - 5/03/08

Added new experimental option to save and restore icon positions so that they are not shifted out of the way and misplaced during DesktopCoral starting and stopping and docking.
[bugfix] Options and dock position were not being saved on system shutdown - fixed.
Added DcUpdater support for update checking.
Added code to exit program during uninstallation or update.
Dock size was not being saved on exit.
Added start-with-windows option.


1.00.04 - 4/18/05

options form improved to better toggle between normal transparent mode and nontransparent mode
added some complicated code to handle saving icon positions (causes some delay to dock moving)
option to select icon position saving.
see forum for fun discussion of program name.
CREDIT: This current version uses some icon saving+restoring code from the source code of a program called WinTidy.  This code will likely be replaced once i know that everything else is working.


11.00.02 - 4/13/05

mainform float fixed to small size.
better instructions in options dialog.
new icon.
version info in main titlebar.
added help file launch to menu.


11.00.01 - 4/12/05

initial beta release.



ToDo List:

add icons and menus to bar