Version History and ToDo List

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Version History


v1.11.01 - July 14, 2014

[MinorFeature] You can now choose to display points as currency
[BugFix] Fixed update check.


v1.09.01 - November 29. 2012

[Improvement] Item editor now remembers last file being edited and loads it by default, and loads user sample on first use.
[Improvement] Sample items are now moved to user item directory to make it easier for user to get started editing custom items.
[MajorFeature] Executable and setup are now digitally signed for extra security; instead of a zip-compatible installer, there are now 2 separate downloads for installer and portable version.
[Feature] New daily points options, lets you configure certain amount of points to be added each day and a decay of existing points.  Good for daily spending of points -- for example if dieting.
[BugFix] On Windows7/8 some people were not able to change items.
[Feature] New portable version available.


v1.07.01 - 01/01/07

[minor fixes] Minor internal fixes
First public release.


v1.06.01 - 12/26/07

[minor change] The diary history log is saved immediately now on any change.
[bugfix] Dates were not being saved with high enough precision in the log.


v1.05.02 - 12/25/07

[minor feature] Added "clone this node" option to Item Definition Editor.
[minor feature] Added recent files menu to Item Definition Editor.
[minor feature] Added ability to delete history log entries.
[bugfix] SaveAs operations were not properly initializing the directory and default name.
[bugfix] Item Definition Editor was crashing if you changed items from Activity to Reward.
[bugfix] Recent files in Item Definition Editor were not being saved.


v1.04.02 - 12/23/07

[major feature] Complete Item Definition editor now let's you edit items.
[minor feature] New "Quick Custom Entry" button lets you add custom one-shot point entries quickly.
[major feature] Added options, you can now configure ItemDef files to exclude, as well as set close-to-tray and other options.
[minor feature] Added printing of charts.
[minor feature] Added reward-debt option.


v1.03.01 - 12/20/07

First public beta release.