Version History and ToDo List

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Version History


v1.06.01 - 1/29/14

[Bugfix] Fixed index out of range error caused by array length bug (thanks jimbo1qaz)
Moved to dual installer system (normal and portable zip)
Signed executable
Added manifest
Fixed some dialog typos (thanks jimbo1qaz)


v1.05.01 - 2/27/09

DrWindows now creates a DrWindows subdirectory in your MyDocuments directory, where you can put your custom dialog messages and image/sound files, without needing to have write access to the Program Files directory where DrWindows is normally installed.  The program will load dialogs and media from both locations.
Added Help button to options dialog.


v1.04.01 - 12/16/05

Removed need for a license key (clear any if blank) for this program - now never nags or expires.
Hiding option menu is now itself an option, disabled by default to make it easier for new users to figure out how to use.
Added yet more dialogs from Stefan [thx!]


v1.03.01 - 12/13/05

[new dialogs] now over 50 dialogs


v1.02.02 - 12/7/05

[new feature] adding testing features in options.
[new feature] added hotkey.
[new feature] added ability to specify certain dialogs are associated with certain programs (and options to enable this feature).
[new feature] reloads dialog list on options display.
[new feature] added '%appexename%' field for replacing in text and titles.
[bugfix] removes leading '.' from disabled buttons.
[new dialog] x-mas (thx stefan!)
[new dialog] coffee (thx stefan!)


v1.01.01 - 12/6/05

First release



To Do List


add progress bar display
add scripting?
add audio recording of reactions
sceduled activations
commandline operation