Advanced Use 2

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Create your own dialogs based on the samples in the DrWindows\Dialogs directory, which are loaded by default.


Files need to end with the .cfg extension, but can be edited with any text editor.


The easiest way to create a new dialog is to copy an existing dialog .cfg file and rename it.


To test your new dialog:

1.Open up the DrWindows options from tray (or hit Ctrl+Alt+E default hotkey).
2.Click the Refresh List button to discover newly added configuration files.
3.Then select your dialog from the "Test:" list to preview and test it.


Note that files from the two directories mentioned below are listed sequentially (rather than merge-sorted).



As of version 1.05.01, you can now place your custom dialogs and sound/image files in your MyDocuments\DrWindows\Dialogs directory, instead of in the Program Files\DrWindows\Dialogs directory, which can be useful if you do not have administrative permissions on the pc.