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Addons for the Find and Run Robot Program

This page collects addons for the Find and Run Robot program that have been posted on our forum over the years. Click a link to go to the forum thread discussing the addon and download.

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Comparer File Info Plugin for FARR, uses total commander wdx plugs for file info

Screenshot - 1_9_2009 , 3_40_38 AM.png
This is a plugin for FARR that utilizes the Comparer tool written by fenixproductions for the recent NANY 2009 event.

Essentially it adds a right-click context menu item to any result that will give you info on the file; by installing additional wdx total commander plugins you can get even more info for specific kinds of files.  See the link above for more info on that.

You can also use +cmpc in your search string to trigger the info display without using the right click.



All credit goes to fenixproductions for his tool which does all the work; thanks to ecaradex, ewemoa and, czb for the javascript plugin scripting for FARR which this uses.  This plugin might be useful for people who want to see how to make a farr plugin that shells out to executables and displays the results, and for information on adding a context menu item to results.

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