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Screenshot aliases using MiniCap

Screenshot - 7_24_2008 , 12_03_38 PM.png
mouser's excellent Screenshot Captor does pretty much everything you need for screenshot capturing (and more) but isn't exactly a tiny lightweight app. But it's baby brother MiniCap is a command line based screenshot capture app. This makes it ideal for the quick screenshot capturing tasks, and also ideal for FARR aliases!

You'll find (currently an old build of) MiniCap here: http://www.donationc...r/MiniCap/index.html (mouser will probably update this ASAP)

I've put together a package that includes some aliases as well as a fresh build of MiniCap itself. These aliases should cover a range of screenshot options but adding or editing should be easy enough.

to install this you would put the minicap directory in your FindAndRunRobot\AliasGroups\Installed directory.  That alias subdirectory is marked as Read-only from within FARR so that it can be easily updated.

To use, type 'mcap' which will present you with the following commands
Screen captureCaptures current screen
Last active window captureCaptures the last active window (i.e. active before launching FARR ;) )
Select region captureInteractive capture of region (traditional style mode -- locked to current screen of multimonitor)
Object captureInteractive capture of object (red box mode)
Red box region captureInteractive capture of region (red box mode)
Capture to clipboardCopy the interactively selected image to clipboard
Border shadow captureAdd a nice border and shadow to interactively selected image
DC Review captureAutosaves to "%MYDOCUMENTS%\reviews\$appname$\$windowtitle$_$uniquenum$.png"
I found this was quite helpful when working on a minireview
Multimon captureCapture entire desktop workspace (all multimonitors if more than one exists)
Delayed screen capture (4 secs)Wait 4 seconds before engaging capture of current screen
Crash msg captureI'm using a couple of beta apps and if they crash I can save the crash message to "%MYDOCUMENTS%\crashinfo\crash_$windowtitle$_$datetime$.png"
Help with MiniCapLaunches the MiniCap helpfile

Thanks goes to mouser for both a lot of help and suggestions while making the aliases and for updating MiniCap and adding several new features. Looking at several other aliases was also very helpful, so if you've released a pack of aliases I've probably looked at it in awe ;)

Latest version can be downloaded from my dcmembers webspace!

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