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Wow, I ended up reading the newsletter and ended up being fascinated by the infrastructure remodel article!
Well written, and it's obvious that the site and community are still a labor of love. Well done, good sir!  :)
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Farr Search Aliases- Am I missing something?

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I am a long timefarr  user and a fairly recent  DC Member. This is my first post. 

Before I start I tried searching for the answer and I am by no means a programmer but I am trying to understand how use farr to create search aliases that work like quick searches in firefox.  Basically I am trying to figure out how to translate these kinds of quick searches to Farr from firefox

Here's what I am trying to do. I have a keyword search setup in firefox.
keyword = bk
search string/location = http://www.booksamil...query=%s&where=Books

I think that I want to replace the %s search criteria with $$1 in Farr.  What I can't figure out with farr is how to get it to include the rest of the search string which is not varible when I use this kind of query.

I guess I don't understand enough about FARR and the syntax it uses to get this to work.  I hope I am making some sense.  Any help is appreciated.  I really want to learn and understand how to do these more complex searches in FARR.

Click here to read the solution posted by lanux..

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