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FARR is the best windows keyboard quick launcher I've ever used
Find and Run Robot (FARR) is a program for Windows users who are keyboard maniacs. It uses an adaptive "live search" function to rapidly find programs and documents on your computer as you type. FARR is the best windows "keyboard quick launcher" I've ever used.
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Addons for the Find and Run Robot Program

This page collects addons for the Find and Run Robot program that have been posted on our forum over the years. Click a link to go to the forum thread discussing the addon and download.

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GooglePlus - View Google search results in FARR as you type

This plugin allows you to choose from five different Google search types including Web, Local, Video, Images, and Books and will display search results in real time based on your search criteria. You can also choose to display extended information specific to each search type for each result.

gp   - This will present you with the 5 different search types (Web, Local, Video, Images, Books) as shown above. Select one of the search types by typing in its name to filter the search or using the arrow keys to select and then press tab to activate that search. Tip: Typing "gp" followed by two spaces will recall the last search you executed since launching FARR.

gpw - Alias for web search. The same as typing gp +web
gpl   - Alias for local search. The same as typing gp +local
gpv  - Alias for video search. The same as typing gp +video
gpi   - Alias for image search. The same as typing gp +images
gpb  - Alias for book search. The same as typing gp +book
gph  - Alias for GooglePlus search history. This will show you a list of all your previous searches since launching FARR.

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