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Screenshot Captor: One of the best
If you write blog posts or perhaps ebooks or articles based on technology, one of the first requirements of many is finding a decent screenshot program. One of the best, in my opinion, for Windows users has to be Screenshot Captor, as it allows editing of the screenshots taken, and possesses some large configuration options. And it's a free download.. If you're after a good free screenshot grabber, try Screenshot Captor.
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Addons for the Find and Run Robot Program

This page collects addons for the Find and Run Robot program that have been posted on our forum over the years. Click a link to go to the forum thread discussing the addon and download.

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GTDTiddlyWikiPlus for FARR (alias pack)

As of June 13, 2008 the Latest Alpha of FARR Included GTDTiddlyWikiPlus Alias Pack, which supports GTDTiddlyWiki Plus and the original TiddlyWiki.

Trigger the alias by typing: gwp
Trigger the alias by typing: tiwi

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