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You won't find a more full-featured screen capture program for less
There are many professional tools that streamline this process, but their cost seems hard to justify for taking the occasional screen grab. Fortunately, there is Screenshot Captor, which is full of features and is free. In addition to warm fuzzies, donations garner small perks at the site and guaranteed free access to future software, should it become commercial. Neat idea.. After you use SC a while, you'll probably want to make a donation; it's that good.
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Addons for the Find and Run Robot Program

This page collects addons for the Find and Run Robot program that have been posted on our forum over the years. Click a link to go to the forum thread discussing the addon and download.

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Feeling Lucky Alias

It allows you to type !youtube batman to quickly launch a I feel Lucky search for "youtube batman", it's very quick.
Compared to the default search:

1000>>>Feeling Lucky>->Google - $$1 |$$1&btnI=I%27m+Feeling+Lucky /ICON=icons\google.ico>+>^!(.*)>/>24762

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