Screencast Videos Demonstating the Program LaunchBar Commander:

LaunchBar Commander Screencast Video 2 - Creating Your First Dock

Screenshot - 8_9_2010 , 2_58_39 PM_thumb.png
Here's video #2 for LaunchBar Commander, showing how to create your first dock/launchbar.


LaunchBar Commander Screencast Video 3 - Hotkeys, pop-up menus, and systray menus

Screenshot - 8_9_2010 , 4_46_50 PM_thumb.png
Video #3 demonstrates how to trigger launch bars as pop-up menus using hotkeys, and also demonstrates how to use a launch bar that has been minimized to the system tray:


LaunchBar Commander Demo 4 - Dropping on Buttons and More

Screenshot - 8_9_2010 , 9_22_14 PM_thumb.png
Video #4 shows how you can drop files onto dock buttons, and how you can access command/folder properties using the right-click context menu:


LaunchBar Commander Demo 5 - Using Folders and Plugins

Screenshot - 8_9_2010 , 9_23_53 PM_thumb.png
Video #5 discusses folder nodes (menus) and plugin-generated menus:


LaunchBar Commander Screencast Video #6 - Working with Menu Nodes

Screenshot - 8_10_2010 , 1_30_25 PM_thumb.png
Video #6 discusses working with Menu Nodes:


LaunchBar Commander Screencast Video #7 - Dock Behavior and Appearance Options

Screenshot - 8_10_2010 , 1_33_08 PM_thumb.png
Video #7 discusses Dock Behavior and Appearance Options:


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