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2007 NANY CHALLENGE (New Apps For The New Year)

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SelectoSurf - Open plaintext URLs flexibly from any program

; Select plaintext in any program and hit the hotkey (ctrl+space)
; If the text looks like a url or website name (like donationcoder.com), it will be opened.
;  otherwise a google search will be conducted with the phrase.
;  urls will be cleaned of unnesc. punctuation and split-lines will be merged.
; Compiled exe and .ahk source script included.

There are a lot of scripts that do this kind of thing, but i still thought it would be nice to have another that people could customize.

  • Just select a url or something that looks like a url in any program and hit hotkey to open proper web page in browser.
  • Fixes urls that are malformed (missing prefixes, extra surrounding characters, etc.)
  • If you select a non-url phrase a web search is conducted
  • Compiled exe included that uses default browser and hotkey Ctrl+Space, but autohotkey source is provided you can customize
  • Cleans up split-line urls, perfect for email urls

Download: * SelectoSurf.zip (198.07 KB - downloaded 1307 times.)

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