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The N.A.N.Y. Challenge

N.A.N.Y., which stands for New Apps for the New Year, is an annual event here on DonationCode.com where we challenge coders of all experience levels to release a brand new FREEWARE / DONATIONWARE application to celebrate the coming of the new year.

The NANY events are a celebration of software for coders and users alike - it's not a competition and there is no winner, but there is lots of challenge and plenty of rewards.  No matter what you're looking for, you're bound to find something of interest in the NANY Entries over the years; and when you do, don't forget to pop a donation to the Entrants.

A vibrant forum allows users to follow the entries from the initial Pledge, through various Teaser updates to the Final Release, offering valuable feedback and suggestions for continued improvement.

If you have an application that you've always wanted but never found, why not head over to the 2011 Suggestion Thread and explain your idea? Hopefully a coder will get as excited as you are!

NANY History
The current NANY: 2011

nany-2010-button.jpgA total of 23 coders pledged to release a new free application by the 1st of the new year.  And in the end there were 26 NANY Releases (and several small mini-releases).

As we always do in this event, we saw a wide range of submissions, from full professional-quality applications, to small toy experiments by novice coders, and everything in-between.  All of the releases are available and free for public use -- just follow the links on the NANY 2010 Page to go to the project page and download link.
nany-2009-button.jpgIn 2009 we had 44 coders of varying degrees of experience Pledge to release a New Application for the New Year, and by January 1st we had a whopping 35 New Applications posted on the NANY 2009 Forum. Full details on the NANY 2009 Page.

All the Applications are free to use, and the forum is a great place to offer feature requests or report issues. Many of the Applications are just the start of something bigger and will be developed further, so it is also a good place to keep up with their development.
nany-2008-button.jpgSome of the programs are rather specialized and whimsical, some are just a little silly, and substantial and serious.  But you'll probably find something that you find useful amongst the 16 New Applications.

Do you have an mp3 collection? Use "WTF!? Music Info" to generate charts showing the statistics of your collection.  Do you need help staying motivated to keep to your new year's resolutions? Try "Point Motivator", an innovative motivational tool and tracking diary. Details of all the entries are on the NANY 2008 Page.
nany-2006-button.jpgThe inaugural year saw over 20 new applications released for the New Year!

See all the details on NANY 2007.

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