GOE: Getting Organized Experiment - Freeware Programming Challenge 2007
Posted December 4th, 2007

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Having trouble justifying a decision?
Stop procrastinating and start using Evaluweight !

This started out as a little fun and bit of effort to scam mouser of one of the legendary Cody Mugs. In the end it is a interesting insight into how we come to a conclusion.

Theory: Each decision you make, is a 100 percent commitment. Therefore, that decision can be broken down into categories, and each category represents a part of that 100 percent commitment.

So "evaluweight" lays this all out in a nice and easy grid format. Simply give each category/feature a percentage mark of how it would impact your total commitment.
Now add the product that you want to compare, and in each category, mark that product out of 10 on how it meets your expectation.

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