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GemX - missing in action

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I think if they just said how it was going for them, we would have backed them up.-datamill (October 13, 2007, 07:52 AM)
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It's all in the approach... if you stick it out with your clients, they'll do the same for you, especially when you have a good product. I think we would have all backed them. But the way things were done, well, ...clients made their moves in other directions. It will be difficult for them to regain confidence.


I downloaded a copy of their GemX do-Organizer.

I'm not able to find out what it does, other than what is on their website.

Here's what mine looks like

This is FREE software.

I dunno if this is appropriate or not -

One of my lead developers is available today.
if you're available for a phone discussion and web-conference (via can walk him through this GemX DoOrganizer and what it does, we can make a much, much better alternative.

Drop me an email today at "[email protected] dot com" with your name and phone number.

(note: This offer is valid until 10pm EST time Sunday)

I mean, 10pm EST time Sunday 14 Oct 2007.

Hmmm... interesting. The refund was applied to my cc a week ago. TODAY I get a response (actually, SWREG) got a response from GemX saying: "The customer has already downloaded the full version, therefore delivery has already been completed." Still not a word to me - no response to my e-mails, DSM's, nothing... (SWREG forwarded their message to me). Idiot. This is like  the manufacturer of a car telling the dealer that as I've already taken delivery of it, any defect in design, such as that the model has a nasty habit of exploding when rear-ended, is irrelevant. SUPPORT YOUR PRODUCT, ASSHOLE! Sorry, I should just move on, given that I've gotten my refund already, but this really puts me over the edge. What about a note to me expressing regret that I've stopped using their products? I'm absolutely stunned.


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