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$7.5 to optimize XP NTFS Drive access : rip-off or not ?

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I recently came across a recent announcement from (the publisher of a powerful HDD defragmenter, UltimateDefrag).  They propose for $7.5 to "reveal" a tip to optimize NTFS access.  You can download a "teaser" pdf at and here :

Apart from the fact that it's discutable to ask for money for this, I strongly suspect it's related to the NTFS lastfileaccess flag, one can modify easily with the "fsutil behavior" command from the shell prompt.

Any opinion on this ?


Well... my opinion is "run away!". I can't imagine that this tip isn't available elsewhere for free. The trick, I suppose, is figuring out the tweak, but it sounds like you're already well on the way to doing just that!

Have you seen this msfn thread yet?

Thanks for this pointer, it's comforting to see others are also wondering...

Thanks to Darwin also !

Have you seen this msfn thread yet?
-PhilB66 (September 02, 2007, 11:25 AM)
--- End quote ---

I've always had a bad feeling about those folks, including the marketing hype about their "ultimate"defrag. Cash to "reveal secret information"? Christ. I don't think it's the DisableLastAccess thing though (which is nice!), since that didn't "use to degrade performance".

Perhaps they're going to tell you to turn off DMA and set the drive to PIO mode? *laugh*. Or perhaps it's LargeSystemCache, which is pretty decent, but has nothing to do with CPU speed and everything to do with RAM.

But then again, neither of those are "NTFS features".

EDIT: oh wait, processor speed. NTFS compression? It does reduce the amount of I/O done, and is pretty cheap processor-wise these days.


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