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Outpost - why do I bother ... or am I just paranoid!

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Carol Haynes:
OK - having uninstalled WebRoot SpySweeper because of issues it was causing my system has been running great (much faster and with not obvious problems in logs etc).

I thought - "I know ... my unused Outpost Family license has a few months still to run." I haven't used it since version 4 was released and caused havoc on my system but I figured that by now they must have ironed out the issues and it does supply at least some realtime spyware protection.

Sure enough - installed it - and immediately started suffering random sudden reboots (no warning blanks screens and restarts - seemed particularly bad when I was browsing with Firefox - but I don't know if it was related).

What gives - or am I paranoid and Outpost is out to get me!

You know... to a degree I think we're suffering from the cure being worse than (or at least as bad as) the disease. With all of our paranoia surrounding online security, we're driven to install heavy, complex apps to shield us from the threats that await us online. All of these "solutions" seem to create problems these days as the vendors find themselves competing with more and more offerings and rush to give their apps that "gee whiz, neato" factor (doesn't help that as consumers we fuel this by being distracted by bells and whistles AND by seeking all-in-one solutions to our problems).

Knock on wood (Darwin gives his head a good thumping), my system running behind a hardware firewall and running SpySweeper with A/V seems to be the sweet spot (though I must confess that this setup consumes more resources than did AVG Pro and SpySweeper w/o A/V). Pretty content, overall.

Carol Haynes:
You not having any issues with the latest builds of SpySweeper? The version I unistalled seemed to cause registry permission problems when installing software and if I wanted to change file associations etc. It had some locked registry entries that meant MSCONFIG wouldn't allow its resident scanner to be disabled at startup too.

None here. Odd, too, as my computer usually attracts any and all software problems... I'll look at MSCONFIG and the resident scanner issue next time I reboot.

Haha, Carol, you and Outpost are not really the best friends. May I suggest you to install Outpost 5 Beta or even better, Outpost Suite! ;D

Frankly, Outpost should be ruled out of any security lineup consideration. The guys developing it totally lost it time ago, and it's not worth this cost for a premium security (if there's any). Makes you wonder if they use the software in their computers at home... Time to search for a good alternative. Ken found one but I can recall which one...


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