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Need a mass email program

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Ah... there is an alternative program that will let you send e-mail using any client (such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) but I've entirely forgotten its name!

Sorry, I tend to forget that that whole world doesn't use Outlook as I do...  :-[

I'll give some thought to the other app and see if I can find out what it's called and report back.


Um... Still can't remember the other app that I was thinking of, but I note that Auto Mailer is linked to from eAnnouncer's home page for those visitors who do not use Outlook. Looks to be from the same developer...

Hi Sunseeker71, I have an Ebook on Email-Programs that                                          I can send to you if you will forward your email address                                         to me.
Robert Ringin

[email protected]

A quick check unearthed MailEnable, a paidware tool, which also has a freeware for personal use version. Check it out to see if it fits you.

(Today I'm using the url tags quite a bit :D)


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