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[feature request] multiple run for one alias result...


Hi Mouser,

I think it would be great to be able to Run multiple commands in one alias result, few possibilities come to my mind...
(i know you can Run all results of an alias ... but it's a totally different story... i never used it)

1) launching multiple websites (just 3-4 not an entire alias' result list...)
2) opening a webpage in all your different browsers (for webdesigners)
3) launching multiple programs (morning startup)

once again i know you can approach that using alias and the launch all command but not as conveniently....

and now the killer possibility  :D
4) Run a command + playing a sound + showing an OSD message... NOW that would be fun !
that would be great for many many things and would make FARR sexier

I don't know if it's hard to do but i'm sure it would be really handy ...
of course, one could encapsulate few commands into an autohotkeyscript or a batch file
but that would be so much easier right into FARR

you could ship FARR

* with a nice OSD message program like AbteriX's MessaBox

* a small wav/mp3 player...
That would rock !

Cheers, Nitrix

good idea i think.

glad you like it  :)

any idea when you will release a new version ?  :-[


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