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  • January 22, 2019, 05:23 PM
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Author Topic: [bug report] still a few bugs to go... before perfection !  (Read 2035 times)


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Hi Mouser,
just to make sure, you are not forgetting some bugs/annoyances :D (before the release day, i hope...)

1) the +action trick TOO clever http://www.donationc...dex.php?topic=9161.0
i think the +action trick is trying to be clever and detect that there is only one result, and so it should show you text about the action.  that's normally what you want, so that you can see what action will be applied to what file.
as i suggested the +action trick when used with dosearch command is way to clever it shoud just be fired when asked !

2) the clipboard problems : http://www.donationc...dex.php?topic=9367.0
  • $$c is empty if the clipboard content is too big
  • "restartsearch $$c" command crashes FARR when the clipboard content is too big (above 1024  characters ?)

3)since the 2.00.130 release and the new result display updating, there is no more flickering but the search box is not responsive as before...
it really really should be an option

in anycase the search box should feel completely free

for example when i use one of my (dosearch) alias which searches music on my network drive, it takes literally 10 seconds before i see the search terms i typed after the alias trigger... let's say my alias is triggered by music, if a type "music madonna"
i see music, then FARR stops for 10 seconds (i know it's working but it feels like it just crashed) then madonna comes up then the search ends (an other 10 seconds later)

i really (only?) notice it when using dosearch aliases

I also wanted to say that i'm really getting anxious waiting for the next release of FARR, i got used to get one every few days... :-*
Keep up the great work

Nitrix, in love with FARR  :D
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