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Top 3 programs you use

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I use Opera, FeedDemon, and Post2Blog the most. Of those three FeedDemon is the only one that's not free, but in my opinion anyone that is addicted to RSS feeds needs a powerful feed reader like FeedDemon.
-cybernetnews (August 27, 2007, 10:12 PM)
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What does FeedDemon offer that Feed Reader doesn't?

3 -- Word 2003 [with Chapter by Chapter add-in]
-TomColvin (August 09, 2007, 06:13 PM)
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Hi Tom, if you happen to read this (otherwise I'll just PM you... but... then... if you don't read this you won't know that... I wrote that I intend to PM you if you don't read this post, and... whatever...)... : what does this add-in do, and where can you get it?  :huh:

yes, i'm curious too.. a brief description will be nice.. :)

1. Directory Opus
2. AI RoboForm
3. Find and Run Robot

And Firefox!

I'm curious about the chapter-by-chapter add-in as well...


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