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What's the Most Accurate Burner?

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Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Yep, CDBurnerXP was the other freeware I marked with excellent in my notes.  My next tier included BurnAware Free, DeepBurner Free, Starburn Free (Pro=$10), ISOBurn, ISO Recorder, ImgBurn, Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 (thread on DonationCoder), BurnCDCC (iso burning only, simplest), JetBee Freeware (Complex Evolution folks who also have a Total Commander plugin.).  That is the list I have of freewares that can burn .iso.  A little head-spinning as there are a lot of features and these are generally pretty heavy-duty.

CDBurnerXP or InfraRecorder should be close to perfect for the light-to-moderate .iso need, if they work properly on Vista (haven't checked, what's 'Vista'). ImgBurn was also looked at very highly here.   Suggestion start with those three, but some of the others above look like doozies too.

Here are three of the threads.
Re: Your fav' audio CD burner?
(With the links to most of the above.)

Which free burning software can you recommend? 03-2009

Re: Recommend Vista CD Burner    


almost the same list for me too, i normally alternate between InfraRecorder (freeware), ISOBurn (freeware) and Ashampoo Burning Studio (free reg during promo).. all three work for me quite well on WinXP. :up:


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