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How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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I havent read that guide - 32pages - not-a-chance ;)

I know in general I'm not bad at asking question -
as in how they are asked, details given, (always forget at least one obvious thing though :-[) etc.

I have noticed in myself this habit of panicking if things start going wrong with OS or software in general.
Of course,
that's when you really need to keep a cool head & be observant of what's happening & keep notes/screenshots whatever.
Then, (in the context of not having kept a cool head), I have made some rather embarrasing posts/threads...
in my day :) (one just lately - I'm not telling ye where )

so, my question guide might go something like this:

* breathe in deeply
* breathe out slowly
* repeat if necessary
* write your questions
* go away & have a cup of tea
* come back, re-read - does it make any sense?
* rewrite
* post
* :)

IIRC, the reason this guide was written was not to trash Newbs, but to promote the 'help you help yourself' mentality. Regardless of your intelligence or experience, it really is UNhelpful to both parties to post something like:
Subject: I NEED HELP NOW!1!
Message: Dude, WTF i instlled a brand new Gignaplextor Supervidium 2.0 GTIIIx ver. 2.5a and now i get a black scrn!!11! please reply instrctions. I need thes to wrk now!1!!
--- End quote ---
Now, this theoretical-but-not-uncommon person is obviously in distress, needs help and needs it very soon, but this kind of post is NOT going to get helpful folks on your side, I don't care what their view of your relative humanity.

Heh, I deal with posts like that everyday. Fortunately, they don't demand you to help them... yeah, sometimes they do that. And they don't give you more details than that, like "Fella, don't know shit 'bout what u r talking about". Uh, and then they complain that people is not helpful...

But as I say, they're the minority :)

CANZ U TEECH ME 2 [email protected]? I WANNA B A 1337 [email protected]!


Im in ur forumz, azkin' stoop'd kweshchunz!

Im in ur forumz, azkin' stoop'd kweshchunz!
-Renegade (November 19, 2007, 03:48 PM)
--- End quote ---

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