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Anyone actually use windows system restore if so,does it work.

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Ralf Maximus:
now does that mean a system restore from 2 weeks ago remove all the changes you've made to a system since -
i.e. any programmes installed in those 2 weeks get "uninstalled" ?
-tomos (October 10, 2007, 10:22 AM)
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Yes, that's exactly what it does.  I have used System Restore many times to roll back my primary workstation to a stable configuration and it has worked perfectly every time.  However, I have made it a point to disable System Restore on all drives except C: (where Windows is installed).

It even has an "Undo" feature to roll forward to the point from which you last restored, should things get worse instead of better.

Carol Haynes:
Yes it effectively uninstalls everything installed since the restore point BUT it doesn't remove the application files - so they will still appear in the START menu etc.

If you think you are going to need to use System Restore in this way it is probably worth manually fixing a named restore point before every installation - then at least you know what will need to be reinstalled by looking at the restore points before actually applying.

They get "uninstalled", as for example, you lose the registry settings created and the drivers if they installed some. Basically, you have to reinstall them to avoid problems. It's a side effect, but the only alternative is a complete image of the disk.

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IF you are among those lucky people who can actually benefit from using XP's system restore, then this little piece of freeware will be right for you:  Easy HR Windows XP System Restore Point Creator

Easy HR Windows XP System Restore Point Creator

Easily create windows restore points. Options for a quick create or you can add your own description. Create a Windsows XP System restore point with a single click.

    * Tested on Windows XP SP2.

    * Registration not required. This application is freeware. 

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- "Download Easy HR Computer Uptime" is a silly typo, the file is the proper "SetRestore.exe"

I am using System Snapshot for Windows XP. Features:

* Eliminates the need to have to navigate to the System Restore interface to create a restore point

* Immediately creates a restore point for the System Restore utility

* Can be configured to automatically load in the Windows system tray on Windows starts up

* Offers a convenient system tray icon which can be used to create a restore point on the fly

* Can be configured to automatically create a restore point on Windows or System Snapshot startup

* Provides the ability to automatically create a restore point via Windows XP's Scheduled Tasks service or a 3rd party scheduler

* Provides the option to add a description for the restore point

* Includes options to disable access to the System Restore interface and System Restore settings

* Takes up about 5k of memory
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