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General use issues.

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Not a problem, I will use this thread to keep track of the things I come across.

When a tree is temporarily modified, and it is selected again to refresh back to the original tree, the center window where the modification was done does not clear.  It makes the user think that the tree has been permanently changed.

This may be an out-of-scope extension, but providing a button next to "copy to clipboard" to save the current text window to a text file provides a permanent record of the communication.  This will be invaluable for record keeping.

Update on the retreat to the system tray.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  There is still no way of knowing which variable file that it will retreive when it becomes the main screen.  But I have found that sometimes when I double click on the icon, it drops to the left bottom corner minimized.  Other times it comes up as expected.  Loss of data occurs in both the tree and the variables without warning.  In the case of the tree, if another tree is selected, the program does not check for the saved status of the current tree.  All changes lost!!  Same for variables.

Update on variable manipulation and addition. -- We copy data from a legacy system to a clipboard enhancer.  The enhancer can paste the copied data in sequence using only the ctrl v key.  Since we are pasting into 2 different programs, changing the variable order in TFM to match the other program would improve data transfer by 50%. 

Variables-  You should be able to add them independ of the tree.  Case in point.  I have one tree that has a unique variable.  It is not used often.  However, when pasting values to variables, the unique one is not displayed so that it can be populated.  I have to change to the corresponding tree ( while remembering to save the existing changes) to bring up the variable and then paste to it.  Being independent of the tree allows for capture of data that can be of future use in developing additional trees or adding the data to existing trees.  It would eliminate the requirement to back to the legacy system to collect a single piece of data for each variable file.  As always, great program.


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