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IDEA: All to systray


This is my idea,
just a tiny program that does this:

* Make it possible for every window to minimize to the systray, so it wont be in the taskbar
* When you right-click the systray icon of it, it shows a list of the closed programs, and when you click one, or double click the icon it comes back
* It has to see the icon of the program, so it can be showed in the systray
How to minimize?

Few ideas:
When rightclicking in taskbar, add a minimize to systray (so you hook this shell).
Right clicking the minimize button.

Program: Traydevil, but this one is just with to many functions. I want just a simple app.

Start with windows function?

Do i have to donate to get this app done?

Well.. There are a ton of these apps out there...
Try TrayIt!, which seems to be the best known one.

In addition to TrayIt! you can also try

TrayEverything -
Iconize -

also check out this thread for previous discussed programs related to this.. :)


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