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Page data harvest

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Very frequently I would like the ability to harvest data or some information from a page.
Something like Snagit, but simple, less expensive and something that will capture raw html from a page...

I've attached a document that has pretty pictures and a description.

Simple Solution: Single Page Harvest

Function key responds by saving all html for the current page in a file named

{student number}-{page name}.htm
Example: 214-Attendance.htm

Then later I'd use SED, GREP or AWK to find what I am looking for.

I'm sorry, i'm not sure if i understand what you're looking for, but why not just download the site with something like httrack?

browsers already have a function in file menu for saving html for a page.. maybe you are asking only for a simple addon or hotkey that will trigger that file save function (and name it a certain way?)

jgpaiva - the real answer is that I'm ignorant, ie. lack of experience and knowledge. And not being particularly bright doesn't' help.  Thank you very much for your suggestion. I'lll look at it and it may be just the right thing. Thank you very much! :D

mouser - EXACTLY..... that would give me the minimal functionality I need. Any ideas or can you point me to a place where I can either have it done or learn how to do it....??

If you are advanced enough to use "Then later I'd use SED, GREP or AWK to find what I am looking for. " I suggest you look at WGET. It can grab what you need and save it locally.


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