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v2.00.09 suggestions



some new ideas :)

- auto-clear preview window
I find it a bit confusing that the last image captured will still be shown in the right part of your program even if you have deleted or moved it to another location

- make Preferences window stick in the foreground or open as a new window that you'll see with Alt-TAB
since I use the "mouse cursor over a window will focus that without clicking" option of Windows you should either a) move the mouse cursor over the "OK" button when opening the preferences b) make that window stick to the foreground or c) open as a new instance (I'd vote for a)

- ESC should close Preferences window
the title says it all :)


auto-clear preview : i will add this, you are 2nd person to request.
preference window: let me look into it and see what i see
escape closed preferences: i think i can do this.


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