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Carol Haynes:
I don't think there are huge numbers of Mac users about on this forum. Shoot me if I am wrong  :-[

Opps, just realized the MAC software I really meant to mention is called Scrivener, reviewed at 43 Folders back on January 21: (July 02, 2007, 08:42 PM)
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Looks interseting.

Have you tried NoteBox Disorganiser it's portable so easy to try out.
I have looked at it but havent used it as such


When it comes to keeping notes in a tidy and organized fashion on your computer, you've got your pick of dozens of programs -- most of which involve a tree-view layout, into which you're expected to tuck everything neatly away.

ND2e, on the other hand, is for people who like to keep their mess splattered all across the screen right where they can see it.Writing Software
for more details click here & also for features:

It shows notes in boxes - 100 of them - you can scroll & have them various sizes - at full screen window they are almost like a spreadsheet.
Categories - havent figured them out ...
read here -
sounds like tagging...

PS would you consider changing name of thread?
EDIT: fixed links

NoteBox Disorganizer sounds interesting indeed.  I think it's been discussed here before -- reference popped up during Google search.  Will take a look at it.  THANKS for bringing to my attention

I've been looking at evernote again
especially seeing as there's a 60% discount for members here at dc
there's a new version out - Amando comments in the General brainstorming for Note-taking software

In  ways the structure of Evernote is actually very similar to NoteBox.
(Evernote has a NoteList view with list of notes on top & shows selected note in lower pane)
Export unfortunately doesnt include .RTF option (which NoteBox does) but does export as text file -
and as XML, html and mht

I'm another person who want's to write -
I want to write (essays I guess..) about various but often related subjects.
The ease of tagging in Evernote seems like it might be very helpful for my needs

I've scraps of paper everywhere with things written on them so maybe I'll just go give it a try...   :)

I'm beginning to learn my way around the Forum -- will search back threads.  There's enough back there to keep my busy for weeks!-TomColvin (July 02, 2007, 08:42 PM)
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a word of warning (!) the forum search is pretty much a waste of time (imo) -
if you use Firefox there's a very good search plugin-tomos (July 03, 2007, 03:59 AM)
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In-forum search is now very good  :) thanks to Wordzilla (you might be interested in his thesaurus as well)

I know it's probably not very important but I still think it would be helpful to change name of thread seeing as it has nothing to do with scribus  :P - maybe to something about writing software? - but whatever you think..
(If you edit first post you can change the name there)


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