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Some Minor Errors


When I had a first look at it, I had already been wondering where Zaine would have found an offer of $35 for Papyrus.

Now I read it a second time and noticed that the passage 
"Affordable. At $35, this is a bargain for this word processor. 
Word count dialog is loaded with information, a boon to writers and editors."
can be found under both Atlantis (where the price probably belongs) and Papyrus. So it was probably an error due to copy/paste.

In addition, the words
"Full, working trial version. If you're going to try a new program — especially another word processor — it should be able to do everything it claims it can do without having to purchase it first. TextMaker loads everything for its 30-day trial."
can be found under both Textmaker and Atlantis, both times referring to TextMaker.

(Edit: There's also this under ThinkFree
"File. TextMaker is the most polished and refined of all the alternate word processors. Imagine taking the best and most-used features of Word 2003, vastly expanding its document creation power, and throwing in a healthy dose of perfectionism throughout the user interface. Forget your imagination and just check out TextMaker. I'm betting you'll love it because it will never slow you down.")


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