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Custom Folder v1.2

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Custom Folder is a handy freeware that adds a highly customisable "New Folder" function to the context menu to the Windows Explorer and also supports command-line usage.

Some of the options for creating your custom folder name.
• Static text    Place static text anywhere in the mask to define your default folder name.• DateChose from a two or four digit year mask; two digit month mask and two digit day mask.• TimeChose from a two digit hour, minute and/or second field and add an optional three digit millisecond field.• IncrementBy adding a simple switch, Custom Folder will automatically add a three digit incremented identifier to a default mask, making it ideal for backups or version control.• TrimHelping you to keep your filing tidy, the "trim" switch instructs Custom Folder to trim any blank spaces from either end of the default folder name, ensuring that subsequent searches or batch operations are not bugged by unseen leading or trailing spaces.

very useful  :up:

New-ext is better for my needs.

Awesome, I always hate to create Backup-[CURRENT_DATE/TIME] folders each time I create a backup of a work in progress.

Thank you!

I like the concept behind mdAxelerator:

Use a hot key to create your folder & when the folder is created, automatically browse to it.  Useful for the save dialogue.

For me it won't display the date, only the time & then it won't remember to use that as default.


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