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Small images in Word

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Hello!  I recently upgraded to the newest version of Screenshot Captor (2.32.02) from 2.11 (ish) and I've started having problems when pasting into Word.  With the old version, the image would paste in at their original size.  After the upgrade, everything I paste in becomes very small.  It's not being resized by Word, I've verified that the image is scaled to 100%.  I've noticed that if I paste into Paint, then copy again, and paste into Word that it comes out the correct size.  I've also noticed that if I do Paste Special in Word and choose Bitmap (instead of Device-Independent Bitmap, which is selected by default), the image appears at the proper size as well.  Did the image format change at some point between my old version and the newest?  Is anyone else having similar problems?

On a side note, this is a fantastic program.  I do lots of manuals and documentation, and this has saved me tons of time.  Before, to capture from a remote desktop session, I'd have to screenshot the whole RD window, paste it into Paint, cut out the application window that I wanted, and then paste it into my document.  With SC I can just select the region.  Great work!

Thanks for the nice comments -- I really do appreciate hearing when people like my programs.

The problem you are posting about has been mentioned before and should be fixed, if you do the following:
go the options -> general settings tab, and for DPI put 72.  The lower the DPI, the bigger the image will appear in programs like Word.

Note that any images you grabbed before changing the DPI will still have the old DPI so you need to manually change their DPI from the menu if you want to fix pre-existing screenshots.

The default DPI i think now is set to 72 but if you had an old install with a higher DPI that could explain your problem.

Wow, thanks for the quick response!  I changed the DPI back to 72, and that fixed the problem.  Thanks for the help!

Great  :Thmbsup:


I had the same problem with pasting screenshots into MsWord - they were tiny! I changed the DPI from 300 to 72, and now when I paste into word, the image is huge. Did I miss something?  Older versions worked no probs, the captured images and pasted images were exactly the same size.  :huh:

Sidenote - fantastic program!


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