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DC-IRLDD #2: DonationCoder Real Life Dinner+Drinks, Sat 7/14, Champaign Illinois

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I heartily agree with Grorgy.

One day they'll offer instantaneous travel with very cheap prices and then I'll be very happy  :D.

Until there I will be glad seeing the pictures (that I hope will be online shortly after the party)  ;)

Laughing Man:
Haha.. I'll have to wait till I'm going to Illinois for grad school in Cognitive Psyc..MD's a bit to far away for me to drive from.

I REALLY regret that I cannot attend... I'll be in Belgium, where I'm trying to organise a mini "European meeting" in July, but hope to get to the next one!

Don't forget to check out that newish bookcase  :D :P :D

I plan on destroying said bookcase, but shhhh, dont tell mouser


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