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DC-IRLDD #2: DonationCoder Real Life Dinner+Drinks, Sat 7/14, Champaign Illinois

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The 2nd International Real Life Dinner(+Drinks) Lunch and/or Dinner will occur on Saturday, July 14th, 2007.

We will meet at my house in Champaign, IL as before, email me for directions and address ([email protected]).

This is going to be a very early dinner (we will meet at 4pm) to give people a chance to rest up and then drive home if they aren't staying over.

I think the current plan is to go have lunch around noon and then figure out what to do, so anyone thinking of joining us should email me asap!

All forum members are welcome -- but keep in mind that only 1 or 2 people ever show up. But that's ok too it's just a casual get together and we won't be talking about DC much.

-Jesse (mouser)

ps1. Please RSVP by July 10th as soon as possible if you intend on coming.
ps2. I will pay for dinner+drinks for anyone who travels more than a couple of hours to get here.
ps3. Anyone who needs to is welcome to stay the night (I have wifi and air conditioning).

See you there!

Count me in, as you already know.

By the way, my trip is exactly 3 hours so I guess that counts me in for free grub ;-)

I hope you drink alcohol (and by alcohol I mean Orange Juice and by Orange Juice I mean Water)

Mouser, I will come under one condition...
If you promise to teach me how to write C++ and may be my first FARR plugin.
I would truly love to have the privilege to meet you in person and see the person behind this great web community. Hope you and your guests have the greatest time.

If you keep doing these events, eventually I'll be able to make one.


One day I'm thinking I must travel to all these parts of the world where I find I now have lots of friends I've never met  :huh:  One day time and money will hopefully conspire and the world tour will be on  :)


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