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NirCmd Setup, a guide of sorts

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thats a fine place to put it, BUT you might want to put the subdir in the Installed folder directory since its not something you are supposed to be editing.

then just go to FARR options and close options, that should get FARR to rediscover all alias files.

Well, I must be doing something wrong. I put the entire nircmd folder in /Aliasgroups/installed and this is what I get:

The alias shows up in FARR options as shown here:

Why don't I get the full set of commands with the icons?

Edit: I also have trouble with this inline attachment thing. The images are in the opposite order. This way of attaching images is pretty screwy. You can't preview them and it is impossible to see from the code exactly what you have attached.

what version of FARR do you have?

edbro, i think you have an existing nircmd alias under the name "cmd", if i'm not mistaken.. disable that alias then the new one will be ok.. :)

btw, the screenshots provided a clue - check the difference.. :) each of them have slightly different items..

new (jgpaiva's version)

old (non-troppo's version)


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