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teracopy: copy your files faster

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Thanks for posting that, nosh. I've been debating reinstalling Teracopy to see if the problem I reported above is real or not, but keep coming back to the fact that I really don't have a burning need for it, so why bother... Anyway, your post has put that niggling notion to rest for me. Thanks!

I used it to copy 11 gb of music from my external drive to the internal one and it was great for that, but mostly i just move 1 or 2 little files at a time and waiting for teracopy to start up and then going through all its set up was sooo slow, it would have to be able to time tra vel to get back the time lost doing that for little files.    so i uninstalled it.  might reinstall it if i have a big copying job to do tho

Ah, thanks for that George. You've reminded me of something that "picked" me while I was using it - as noted by nosh, it does indeed take LONGER to copy small files. Like you, the vast bulk of my copies are of files, even blocks of files, that are under 10MB so I notice the slowdown. Good point about keeping it around for big jobs, though. I can't remember if there is an option to simply enable/disable it? Might be worth contacting the developer to see if it can be added, if not.

You're welcome Darwin. The bug made the decision a no-brainer for me too. Grorgy does make a good point - Teracopy would make a difference with big jobs. There is an option to disable it from handling all file operations by default. I however don't want to see the 'TeraCopy Here' and 'TeraMove Here' shell context items several times a day when I know I'm not going to TeraAnything Anywhere for a long time.

C'mon guys, you don't want TeraCopy, or any other Codesector software. Don't do it!!! As you said, bugs. Good luck getting support and having them fixed, because YOU WON'T!!!

If you all have extra money lying around, I'll give you a phone number to call. When the lady answers, get out your credit card and have a case of beer sent to my address.


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