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teracopy: copy your files faster

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Ha ha... I was thinking of you as I wrote my previous post, Nighted. One more reason not to reinstall it!

 heheh :Thmbsup:

If you all have extra money lying around, I'll give you a phone number to call. When the lady answers, get out your credit card and have a case of beer sent to my address.-Nighted (June 14, 2007, 12:21 PM)
--- End quote ---
  ;D ;D ;D

also, you might want to try the alternatives mentioned above.. :)

I recommand another application: killcopy
I copy 490 files (1.5 GB) with variable size within the same harddrive.
total commander (defualt): 9 min 9 sec.
windows: 9 min 28 sec.
killcopy: 8 min 59 sec.
Moreover, it can use it with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V as usual. Unicode supported.

 :-\ Hereeeee we go again! Another software I'll just _have_ to try out. Don't you people realise a lot of this board's members are severely afflicted with OCD? Be gentle!


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