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teracopy: copy your files faster

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PhilB66, thanks for the lead. But that solution was not giving me the right click options at all. So I ended up cheating. I just renamed "FastExt1.dll" as "FastEx64.dll". SO FC thinks that it is registering 64bit dll but in reality it is 32bit dll in disguise :)

Nice one kartal  :Thmbsup:

FastCopy 2.06 is ready

FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. It can copy/delete unicode and over MAX_PATH(260byte) pathname files.

Automatically, after whether the copy origin and copy destinations are HDD according to same physical HDD or is judged, it operates as follows.

Diff HDD: Reading and writing are done with the MultiThreading in parallel.

Same HDD: Using big buffer, reading until the buffer becomes full, and writing in bulk.
Because Read/Write doesn´t use the cache of OS at all, other processes (application) do not become heavy easily.

Read/Write performance is a near the limit of the device. Include/Exclude Filter (UNIX Wildcard style) can be specified.

It operates lightly because MFC is not used, and it makes it only from Win32 API.

Because all source codes have been opened to the public in the BSD license, you can modify this software.
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Version history:

v2.06   Fix exception at verify mode(v2.05 only).

v2.05   Fix not to save settins in Win98. Enable to select writing ACL/AltStream errors to the log.

v2.04   Enable drag & drop in admin mode on UAC. settings dialog and misc refine.

v2.03   Fix "Elevate" menu item didn't work in English UI.

v2.02   Release x64 native version. Store fastcopy.ini and logfiles in \Users\(USER)\AppData\roaming\FastCopy, if installed in \Progmram Files in Vista or Win7(UAC on/off is unrelated). Misc refine/fix.

v2.01   Fix not to finish "move" in same HDD rarely. Restore not to require absolute path.

v2.00   Add simple compare function("listing" with CTRL button). Store fastcopy.ini and logfiles in \Users\(USER)\AppData\roaming\FastCopy, if UAC is enabled and installed in \Progmram Files. Enable manual settings of Physical Drive group. Enable 32bit shell extension in 64bitOS. Fix exception when deleting Job.

v1.99r4   Adjust destination filename to source filename when both upper/lower case are different (except "overwrite all" mode). Fix showing no detail error.

v1.99r3   Fix automatically decision of HDD mode problem.(v1.99r2 only) Improve to estimate complete time.

v1.99r2   Add detail filelog option(/filelog). Enable filter in move mode. Speed up starting (Replace API's inifile access by original routine.) Affect filter for the files those are specified direct in Source EditBox. Modify /srcfile option when using MBCS in srcfile contents. Additionally, refinement

v1.98   Add Extended (filesize/timestamp) filter. ("Option" -> "show extended filter")
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I've noticed a new copy tool named UltraCopier. I recall reading a favorable review a few months ago, but I haven't tried the software yet. UltraCopier is currently at version


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