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MusicIP Mixer Premium Memorial Day Weekend Sale - 40% off

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MusicIP Mixer is on offer at a 40% discount over the US Memorial Day weekend. It's a feature rich and fun music organizer and player introduced to the donationcoder community by urlwolf here. Grab it here through Monday the 28th.


The discount does not get applied until checkout, so don't worry that the full price is listed on the landing page there - you should see the discount once you press the "Check Out" button.

--- End quote ---

I took advantage of this and can vouch for the fact that the discount does indeed appear after you press "Check Out". This takes you to an order confirmation page, so you can confirm that the discount has been applied before finalizing the order.

And with, say, 25 GB audio files, this app's analyze will take 95% CPU for how may days?

CPU usage doesn't really go above 10% but it will take several hours to get through 25GB of files, although you can play probably 80-90% after a minute or so.

95% CPU usage I say, for 1½ hour, and only 4 tracks were analyzed, leaving 5000 tracks - making it several days or weeks. Mind you, I'm talking about the > Library > Start Analysis. That analyze ate all my CPU.

But of course, my copy of the free MusicIP Mixer version could be a mismatch for my setup?

And also, one must remember first to disable the screensaver.

There's a discussion on experiences with MusicIP too maybe we can get to the bottom of your performance problem Curt.


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