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I Need Help w/ ConvertXtoDVD program

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Does anyone have the license key for version  Every time I make a dvd w/ the trial version, it puts its' watermark in the middle of the screen, which can be quite irritating.  If anyone could help, it would be appreciated.

Carol Haynes:
Yes I have a license key.

You can buy them here:

Please don't ask for people to post license keys - this site is not about stealing from shareware authors.

By the way for everybody out there VSO are currently discounting all their titles by 10% - just enter "discount" in the voucher box during checkout. (Check the left hand side of the page linked above for details).

Good on yah, Carol! What a silly thing for that person to have done. Geeesh!

yeah, i agree , if the program does what they want then buy it, its not an outrageous price or anything, or go hunting on the free sites, seems you can get something for free to do almost anything these days, maybe not as well but sometimes better than the commercial software, so worth a look

Very silly of the person to ask.. if the person was so impressed with the program, isn't it worth registering it?

Earlier this month, VSO had a 50% code for *everything* including their gold license. Buy the gold and it's a lifetime license for every program.

I would have posted it, but it would have expired with in the hour. I saw it around midnight. :(


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