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Cached pages in IE - help please!

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Help!  A local newspaper has been giving quite a lot of press to antagonist's interests in regard to an organization I know.  This is the work of an angry person who was highly offended when his attempts to change community patterns to his own liking were not realized.  I can assure you the people are not "kool-aid" drinkers and many of them are my personal friends.  Good people.  

The main instigator to the attacks has now publicly confessed (on the newspaper's forum) that his accusations against my friends were contrived and none of it is true.   On the same forum where all of the vehemence has been vented is now the place of significant embarrassment to the local paper and the reporter that has had major full page stories for weeks in the Sunday editions.  Not surprisingly, this forum has been deleted and no confession that it ever existed has been acknowledged when I called to question the paper.  They even denied any knowledge of the confession I read with my own eyes.

I am now trying to find that post containing the confession for some specific reasons, but the cache I have no longer can present it.

Does anyone know how I might be able to recover it?


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This might help:

Also, if you remember any phrases from the deleted page, try searching in google and click the "CACHED VERSION" link to see if google has a cached version of the original page.

Hi Calvin,

You should be able to view cached files by navigating to C:\documents and settings\<user>\local settings\temporary internet files\Content.ie5 and then looking around until you find what you are looking for. However, IE saves these file literally all over the place, no matter what you've defined in your preferences, so also check C:\windows\temp and anywhere else you can think of. Of course, you could also check your index.dat file, but I've never done this (evidently, it keeps weeks even months worth of data about what you've been looking at!). First hit googling for a dat file viewer is donation ware: Index Dat Spy.

EDIT: just looked more closely at Index Dat Spy - I don't think it's going to do you much good as, AFAICT, it won't show you content of websites, just a list of sites that you have visited.

Since this was from a newspaper's website, it could possibly be here:

Web Cache Illuminator looks like the business to me!


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