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BEWARE: IE7Pro and OrbitDownloader

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(Sorry to bump a 3 month old thread, btw)

Anyways, I just read like 5 pages of this stuff...completely rediculous if you ask me! Wouldn't an IP ban solve the problem (as dk70 said)? And perhaps a removal of the threads/topics talking about them (as to remove further download & infection)? I have seen a couple people using IE7 addons just like this one, completely oblivious to the fact that their computer has become a spam bot in an army (or whatever). More shouldn't to fall victim to it.

And on a somewhat off-topic note...
Spyware Terminator is made by former adware makers and still "recommended" every where. Im not so sure you should use FDM, DAP or Flashget either if you have too good memory.-dk70 (May 12, 2007, 07:07 AM)
--- End quote ---
I personally use and LOVE :-* Spyware Terminator (and yes, I know about its past, in full) and Free Download Manager isn't half bad, either. (Just had to defend my program, it has saved my behind several times :))

i'm with wreckedcarzz, i've been using FDM for some time and have had no problems whatsoever.. anyway, check out this mini-review by brotherS.. :Thmbsup: and also comments from other DC members..


Do you realise, this is great, reopening such an old thread but that is exactly what I am posting about funnily enough!
Do you realise that this is only NOW being discussed in the newsletter windows weekly (this is a very highly respected and successful newsletter that is subscription as well as a free limited edition).
I got this in it today and though it seemed familiar:
Checking IE7Pro's background gives a reader pause
Isn't it strange that so many people only just heard about this?  Including me, I only found it on here not so long ago!
so the question is now:  Are they a trustworthy company?
Is there really anything wrong or risky with using their software?
If anyone would like to comment I would be interested to hear anything  :)

Welcome, gimme!

We may not like their methods, but I am confident their products are o'kay.

I have been using both IE7Pro and Orbit, though not at the moment (but they are still installed and updated), and was never informed by NOD32, ThreatFire, or Outpost Pro, about anything dangerous. I would take "the risk", because they are both doing what they promise to do, and I have not been spammed in any way, but this does not mean that I approve of their marketing methods in general.

must say I have at various times used both programs and have not had anything untoward happen, the programs seem to work as described so if they are what you are looking for I would use them.  (I only just got rid of IE7Pro the other day because I never use IE7 these days and was clearing out unused programs, I tried orbit downloader sometime back and from memory I just wasn't completely satisfied with its features and have since moved to getright)


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